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All about tires

Tire guide

Whether you’re shopping for new tires or just browsing for a future upgrade, our guide will give you clear information on what to look for, with a full explanation of tire jargon and the all-essential questions to ask your tire dealer.

How to find the tire that's right for you

Seasonal tires

Drivers in milder climates may use a single set of tires year-round, but if you live in an area with extreme seasonal temperatures, you will need separate tire sets for summer/winter seasons. In some countries, the law requires drivers to use winter tires between certain dates of the year, or when conditions are appropriate.

Find out more about the benefits of seasonal tires

Understand your tire

A tire is a complex piece of engineering, made up of multiple parts. Find out more about your tires including how they are made and what you can learn from the information printed on the sidewall. Learn some simple tips for taking care of your tires that will extend their life and cut your driving costs.

Understanding your tires